The United States of America was built on the foundation of equal opportunity and freedom. Throughout history, the ideals surrounding race and equality have been challenged. The founding fathers framed the United States Constitution to protect the weak from the strong, and to guarantee fairness, liberty, and equality to all. Although what we are experiencing today it seems far from it.


Most Americans have a sharp feeling of the presence of disparity. We find out about it from multiple points of view consistently, from our perceptions of individuals, homes, vehicles, neighborhoods, and news records of the "rich and popular." There is acceptable proof that we begin to find out about disparity at an early age and aggregate extra information for the duration of our lives. Not to mention how we like to title everything by specifics “genders, colors, etc.” (example: first black women OR first black men, ANOTHER TITLE: the Spanish men who broke the record, the only Caucasian lady or men…) get my point. 


Then we wonder where the issue of inequality and race come from… It seems as though the issue of race is unavoidable, regardless of the context in which we are speaking. It is a shame that the idea of race plays a role in any aspect of life. For someone of color to be disregarded, or overlooked, when being considered for an education or employment is unacceptable but seems to be much more tragic when the issue of race spills over into our criminal justice system. Police Departments all over the country have their individual officers that abuse their power, officers on a power trip. 


It is imperative that the very nature of any justice system must be founded on the idea the application of the law be fair, no matter what your race is. 


Unfortunately, a lot of the time fairness refers to equity and justice. Fairness can further be defined either as a behavioral trait or a treatment. It concentrates on avoiding any kind of discrimination and favoritism. Therefore, when talking about fairness often include topics on human rights and the relative law. In this blog, human rights refer to the moral principle, which helps in defining certain standards relating to human behavior.


So, how can we learn to control our human behavior and be fair and treat everyone equal in all aspect of the words FAIRNESS… and EQUALITY….?


Growing in fairness includes learning to treat others with respect and kindness, and growing to appreciate the importance of sharing, fighting for others, and being honest. This requires the ability to place ourselves in others' shoes and feel compassion for other people.


It also means treating people the way you want to be treated. Taking Turns. Telling the truth. Playing by the rules. Thinking about how your actions will affect others. Listening to others and their concerns with an open mind. By stopping the blaming others for your mistakes, as well as taking advantage of other people, and not playing favoritism.


If you have children talk to them about the importance of being fair with everyone. Make sure they understand how important is to you, and that it will lead to stronger friendships. Perhaps finding a program on television non-violent and talking to them about ways in which one character acted unfairly towards the other. 


So, take a stand if you want to see fairness and equality for all, by using our rights and VOTE!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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